Treatment of hypertension requires forward planning to provide structured and long-term care by a treatment team which actively involves the patient and also addresses lifestyle issues.

Due to the existing care shortfall, high prevalence, diverse and serious long-term repercussions for the cardiovascular system and the associated long-term potential for health benefits, high blood pressure necessitates innovative care provision with integrated patient education, evidence-based patient information and monitoring systems such as KIT Telemedical Solutions for Hypertension.

  • Blood pressure self-monitoring and reminder system as concomitant measures to get blood pressure under control.
  • Support self-management and patient’s ability to deal positively with the condition.
  • Integrated treatment plan and workflow support as part of a hypertension health dialogue.
  • Collaboration between the institutions participating in the treatment team takes place via a secure internet-based communication system.

Care workflow for patients with hypertenison to monitor treatment in an integrated and sustained manner.

Medical background

Throughout the world high blood pressure is the leading risk factor for cardiovascular and cerebrovascular morbidity and mortality. According to estimates, around one half of all strokes and ischaemic heart disorders are caused by high blood pressure and could be prevented by appropriate treatment. The primary aim is to reduce cardiovascular morbidity and mortality as much as possible. This requires treatment of all associated cardiovascular risk factors and concomitant cardiac, vascular and renal conditions, as well as appropriate management of blood pressure itself.