Unsupervised Functional Assessment

TUG Device for the AAL market

The TUG device enables unsupervised functional assessment of frailty evolution in older patients through the Timed Up-and-Go (TUG) test. The TUG test is one indicator of functional performance in a comprehensive geriatric assessments (CGA). In Active and Assisted Living (AAL) scenarios a need for patient empowering and autonomous devices is given.

The TUG device is user friendly and provides an easy utilization for elderly people. The setting includes simple tasks in a temporary arrangement. It combines an innovative technology with signal analysis and a verification of tests.


Advantages of the TUG device

  • Quality proofed parameters about the functional status quo help to optimise the long term therapy of elderly people
  • The TUG Device is completely aligned to AIT’s Keep in Touch (KIT) Telemedical Solutions. Results can be transferred to the patient terminal and displayed in trend charts.

Areas of application

  • Innovative tool for the AAL scenarios
  • Follow up of elderly patients during rehabilitation after surgery (e.g. hip- or knee replacement)
  • Detection of changes of the functional status after medical intervention
  • Qualified parameter as endpoint in clinical trials