Active and Assisted Living EN

Thanks to a high quality of life and a good health system, people in Austria are getting older and the number of elderly people is growing steadily. Demographic change is one of the greatest social and political challenges of the present and the future. In addition, everyday life is changing – family members are no longer living in multi-generational households.
A link for this are AAL technologies:
Modern technology can support the elderly as well as care providers and caring relatives in their daily lives. To achieve this, technology must be available and financially viable for everyone, which is why comprehensive action is required at the political, scientific and economic level. In order to accelerate, promote and support such measures, the benefits of AAL technologies must be clearly identifiable and proven.

WAALTeR is a research project in the city of Vienna, funded by the Federal Ministry of Transport, Innovation and Technology.

The goals of the project are

  • Maintaining social contacts and participating in urban life
  • Increasing security (e.g., indoor crash detection) and
  • Promoting health (e.g., transferring blood pressure or blood glucose data to the family doctor)

by a system that is easy to handle and can be used without prior knowledge. The use of technology is to be integrated into everyday life in a helpful and meaningful manner, thus contributing to an improved quality of life.

You can find more information about the project WAALTeR here: