geräte_-11Electronic scales are used to record body weight regularly. The readings are automatically transferred to the app by the user by means of near field communication (NFC) technology and do not need to be read off the display and entered manually. To do so, the user places the smartphone on the scales (model UC-324 NFC) at the point marked NFC.

Blood pressure monitor


In the case of certain chronic diseases, patients need to know their blood pressure and to inform the attending physician. The blood pressure monitor (model UA-767NFC) conveniently measures blood pressure on the patient’s upper arm. Readings are then easily transferred by the user to a smartphone via integrated NFC technology and, from there, on to a telemonitoring system.

Blood glucose meter

geräte_-12Patients with type 1 and 2 diabetes have to measure their blood glucose level regularly and, if necessary, take the appropriate medication. Various blood glucose meters with a suitable data interface are used to record the readings and annotate them with additional information. These meters synchronise automatically with the smartphone.

Pulse oximeter

geräte_-14Pulse oximeters measure the relative oxygen content of the blood. This parameter provides an indication of the patient’s cardiorespiratory state and is therefore one of the monitoring parameters for disorders of the respiratory and cardiovascular system.


Pedometer / Activity monitor

geräte_-16Thepedometer (model UW-101NFC) is carried in the trouser pocket and measures physical activity by recording the number of steps taken each day. This dataset is then transferred to
the smartphone via NFC technology.


geräte_-18Smartwatches are connected wirelessly to a smartphone and display status information or messages (e.g. medication reminders). In addition data can also be recorded or input via the minimalist user interface of a smartwatch for subsequent processing in a telemonitoring app, such as a quick response to a spontaneous question, for example, which is pushed to the wrist.

Activity tracker

geräte_-20An accurate record of physical activity including sleep patterns is now possible thanks to the new generation of smart wearables. An acceleration sensor worn on the wrist generates a continuous activity profile. These data are then synchronised wirelessly with the smartphone and subsequently serve as a lifestyle indicator.

ECG Sensor / Recorder

geräte_-21ECG recorders can be issued to telemonitoring patients to clarify irregular heart rhythm on demand. These small devices are placed against the chest wall for a certain period of time and communicate wirelessly with the smartphone and forward the recorded ECG signals to a telemonitoring system.


geräte_-22Spirometry devices are used to monitor lung function regularly in the case of conditions such as COPD. They are available in a handy small size and equipped with wireless interfaces to communicate with smartphones.