Psychic strain

Mental disorders are a major cause of short and long term disability and early retirement. To avoid such interference, which can be triggered even under load but, for example, through vocational excess, early detection and individual therapy is necessary.

The causes of psychological disorders are varied: stress, family problems or worries about the future. The combination of several such release can lead to burn-out, depression or other serious mental illnesses. Through targeted intervention psychologists can, however, break this spiral and support victims in returning to a normal life. In addition the running situation must, however, be detected in time.

For people in specifically stressful situations KIT Tele Health Solutions provides a way to monitieren the individual load situation. This subjective parameters such as performance and satisfaction Perceived Exertion be charged with physiological parameters such as sleep patterns and blood pressure. Based on these data, psychologists get a comprehensive view of the performance of their clients and to contact if needed on the system with these.